Alquadrato is a Content Factory.
Contents are needed to spread out the product’s knowledge.
Knowledge spreads out through communication.
Communication needs to be planned and organized.
A Public institution or an important Brand needs contents.
Brand Contents are created in the Content Factory.
Alquadrato is a Content Factory

Important Brands and Public Administrations need to communicate their own contents, their knowledge. In recent years, especially in the web 2.0 philosophy, it is essential for communication to transmit its Editor’s function, both as citizens and as consumers.
Alquadrato produces every day high-level contents, closely with property or with political decision-makers.
From articles to infographics, from tutorials to apps, realizing events… everything is coordinated by editorial staffs, that everyday follow the communicative flow online and offline.
LAB2  is the permanent research desk of Alquadrato, that plans and realizes apps and softwares to better spread out contents and to create engagement.
We are very concrete and organized. Many public authorities and important Brands decided to work with us.
Alquadrato manages the entire value generation process of a product or a service, from the identification and  the elaboration of a content to its online and offline diffusion, realizing efficient multichannel communication plans.