Alquadrato once again with Ferrero and Coni for the digital solidary initiative Kinder+Sport+1click

For the second year Alquadrato, together with Ferrero and Coni, organized the digital solidarity initiative Kinder+Sport+1click.
Until November 26th web users have the opportunity to donate a click to Italian sport clubs involved in the youth sector. The 20 most clicked associations will win a total sum of 50.000 euros.


Kinder+Sport is the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project with which Ferrero promotes an active lifestyle among young people and it involves web users, giving them the opportunity to donate a click to Italian sport clubs.

Kinder+Sport+1click uses 1clickDonation®, a click raising platform that uses an innovative system for donations to non-profit organizations and charities.

The 1ClickDonation® platform gives businesses the possibility to make a donation to a non-profit organization while at the same time receiving a strong return in web and social engagement on their own Corporate Social Responsibility project.

The mechanism itself with which the 1ClickDonation® platform was created causes high levels of virality and allows to reach targets across-the-board, uniting them by their passions.

Kinder+Sport+1Click’s innovative strength consists of the fact of having stimulated a big sharing between the Communities of the Italian sports world and the Kinder+Sport brand, through a support that has been born, grown and developed within digital tools.