AR : B2C = AR : B2B ?

Augmented Reality is not a game.

It is a new communication tool.


Public met it with the famous videogame Pokemon Go, where the contents of AR were geolocated and contextualised on physical elements of our cities.

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows data and digital images to be overlapped on the physical world: a new interface between humans and machines.

We have known it in BtoC projects (aimed at consumers) to increase customer engagement, but also brand activation and gamification, because of its ability to effectively transfer Brand Contents to the interested target.

But its application in not only about BtoC area, but finds its use also in BtoB projects (aimed at companies).

The activities for which AR concretely helps the company, making the processes more interactive and dynamic, are various:


1. customer care, AR allows to transmit to an expert what the user sees and do to solve the problem immediately with appropriate instructions;

2. augmented maps, AR allows to transform the schematic and two-dimensional representations into interactive and three-dimensional holograms, which guide the user in the path that best suits his needs;

3. interactive catalogs and manuals, they become useful information tools by putting the customer experience first;

4. virtual places, they allow you to connect people who are physically far away into a shared virtual environment, improving the teamwork.


Amazon and Facebook are just some of the companies, which are using AR in different contexts and the result is the big positive impact on the quality and productivity of the company.

Our internal laboratory [Alquadrato LAB] has studied for almost a year the different fields of application of AR both as a tool for spreading Brand Contents and as a useful tool for technical, industrial and commercial communication. Reducing the costs and production times of these tools is finally possible, also through the experiences made with the international brands that have allowed us to streamline the internal processes of design, organization and implementation.

Is BtoC augmented reality like BtoB reality? Posterity will judge.