Becoming an Editor: a step beyond Personal Branding

It is indispensable to exceed the Personal Branding, becoming Editors who are able to express an editorial line that is embraceable from your own target.   


For a public figure, especially if exposed to media, it is not adequate to speak only about a Personal Branding strategy. Of course, it is important to organize your own image accurately, to have an updated web-site and orderly social network, but we have to do a step beyond it. It is indispensable to have something to say.

The next step is becoming a reliable Editor, that is able to express an editorial line: through the production of original and high-quality contents and the ability to be incorporated in the public debate and in the commentary flow.

These contents don’t have to be depersonalized and they have to move beyond the web gossip, beyond the so-called buzz. Very important is also to have a clear way of thinking about the utility applied to the reference target. The only goal is to give audience what it needs.

These contents, if perceived in an original and quality way, have the ability to approach and get involved the fans. On Social Network, the results can be a fan-base enlargement through a careful listening of your community, the creation of some contents that can satisfy a specific need of the community itself and the sharing of interesting contents. It is possible, that some of these ad-hoc contents can become viral.

Only being an Editor, you can strengthen the relationship with your target and, at the same time, you can become an influential point of reference for media, influencers and the close community.