FB Local Awareness: a new tool used to promote Local Initiative

Local Awareness, the new Facebook Adv option, is the right tool for big brands, which want to promote strongly Local initiative.


A brand will launch a new store or will promote a big event with Local Awareness, by attracting all people who are at that moment in the operating range fixed. Fb directly will indicate on the smartphone, with the Get Direction button, the itinerary to reach the event.

 With the Adv Local Awareness option, the focus moves to the defined area, between the address of the event and the geolocalization of the person. Different are the normal campaigns, that are based on the geographic location and can have a ten kilometers’ operating range. 

From the news provided by Facebook, it seems that in Local Awareness, the targeting for interests is not available anymore, but it will be possible to choose only the gender and the age. A brand will have the opportunity to reach the Facebook user, through a proximity logic, according to the operating range selected.

In that way, a brand will reach a wider audience with a more contained cost of the traditional advertisement, even if Facebook proposes Local Awareness as the researched tool specifically for the PMI.

Facebook, with Local Awareness, wants to reach people directly in the meantime they are walking around in the city. Looking at the smartphone, while they are waiting for the train or they are looking at the shop window, in the exactly moment in which they see the traditional billboard advertising.

Local Awareness, not yet available in Italy, will be a great possibility to complete the normal Adv campaigns of Facebook.

Get ready to take the field!