More and more mobile purchases: Beacons will revolutionize the concept of shopping

A new and simple technology allows to improve the consumers’ experience.
And the possibilities for development are endless 


Only few knows what they are, but Beacons look to be the innovation that brands, businesses, shops and institutions will resort to. Their purpose is simple: to improve the customer’s experience.

The advantages of this new technology are several: they cost and consume little, they collect useful data and they can precisely locate where the consumer is.

Physically a beacon is nothing more than a piece of hardware that uses Bluetooth technology to communicate, through an app, with smartphones and tablets.

A simple device that could be used in many fields: from retail to offline payments, in houses, in the sectors of transport, entertainment and fitness. Especially in the tourism field the developments could be really interesting. Just think that some museums, like the Philips Museum in the Netherlands and the Museums of Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza, already use this new technology to enhance their visitors’ experience with, for instance, games and quizzes for families.

Coin and Adidas use Beacons to assign points, prizes and promotions to customers that enter some of their points of sale.

For now Beacons are used mainly to signal coupons and offers to consumers. It will be the brands’ task to find new and captivating ways to take advantage of this new technology. Brilliant ideas wanted.