The protection of honor in the new technologies

With the advance of new technologies,
the protection of online reputation becomes an aspect to defend.


The free access to every platform, the ability to trace everybody’s data and the possibility to spread out everybody’s ideas, even anonymously, have made the protection of digital contents indispensable.

The legal right, that needs to be safeguarded, is the honor, which is the respect and the appreciation that a person benefits in a social group.

There is a legislative framework, that defends the honor and the online “reputation”, but it is often considered unclear, not exhaustive, and with critical points.

The prime problem is that laws about this theme are uncertain and in particular, they are not able to keep abreast of the growth of new technologies.
The risk that you find when you trust in the law firms, is that maybe you can see your case treated with superficiality and confusion.

Before presenting a legal action, a solution is to rely on any specialized practitioners, who take care of the consultancy and the assistance of your web “honor”, managing the denigrating contents removal phase and everything that could damage your dignity.

Moreover, these practitioners guarantee the consultancy regarding the digital reputation protection, the reduction on troll’s problems and the assistance in all the procedures needed.

Everything to protect your honor and your reputation.