Alquadrato analyses the gap between the youth and the online communication of the public administrations, a survey with Deloitte

Alquadrato in collaboration with Deloitte, made the survey about the relation between the online informative services of the Public Administrations and the new generations available.


Most of the results of this survey derive from the online questionnaire on the Survey Monkey ‘s platform and inside Deloitte, just before the summer of 2013.

Technological innovation offers daily more and more opportunities of dialogue and comparison and advanced tools, virtually demolishing the physical and spatial barriers. On the other hand, the citizen and the Public Administration seem, otherwise, to move away from each other because of a more and more complex interaction, that often represses the public services user: the survey wants to examine this situation, offering many important points and possible solutions. You can notice the variance between youth and PA, both in strategic terms and in the communicational approaches, which are followed by PA, and in channels and languages, that are adopted by citizens, by creating significant inefficiencies. These surely refer both to the technological and the cultural dimension.

Establishing an interaction with youth, the digital consumer par excellence and organizing on that target a long-term growth path is a unique opportunity for the Public Administration, especially looking at the prediction of the most successful analysts of the sector, who outline for 2015 the global surpass of the mobile on the traditional personal computers.

With this in mind, the current gap, which characterizes the Public Administration’s communication, can become obstinate, increasing the inefficiencies’ negative effects, which are now significant. For that reason, we have considered essential to start the current path of analysis of the interaction models between PA and the citizen, and to evaluate the effective respondence between the offer of online informative services on behalf of the Administrations and informative needs of young people, that search more and more on the web and in social media answers for the future. To answer to that question it’s important to focus on the articulations of the informative portals of PA and on their potentialities in terms of interactivity and social inclination – through the compared estimate of more than 300 institutional and thematic portals of the main Public Authorities – and, at the same time, on the perception of young people with regard to systems for PA’s information, by means of 1.633 questionnaires for young web users, including 681 under 35 Deloitte’s experts, who participated in the current research.

The analysis confirmed, as follows in details, the gap which exists between the informative needs and the offered solutions, and the prospects of a farther increase of such a gap in short term, but it has allowed, at the same time, to identify the trigger causes and to outline the possible solutions to undertake.

The research focuses, in particular, on the following aspects:

  • The supply: collection of data and analysis of the articulations of online informative services concerning more than 300 Public Administrations and channels used to reach the citizen.
  • The demand: collection of data and analysis of the informative needs of more than 1.600 young people under 35 and their perception about the informative services offered by PA.
  • Action priority: identification of the main strategies to give users a kind of informative services that are more respondent to their needs.