Antonio Conte: the official Web-site

Alquadrato, in collaboration with Mancini Group, realized – and manages – the web-site and the official Facebook page of the “Head Coach of Italian football Team". 


Online from Tuesday 1st September,, has collected the requests of fans about having an official point of reference of the coach, with timely and verified news.

The Facebook official page is dedicated to them.

The site is completely thought to communicate and to interact with the audience. The Social Wall area collects in real-time every interesting content, resulting from Social Network, in order to give fans a virtual notice board where they can share their passion.

Even the “Biography” section was created for fans and it represents an interesting example of storytelling. The narration reflects, in fact, the two souls of Antonio Conte: Coach and Football player. A visual story, that is made up of news, photos and quotes and it continues in the “Media Gallery” section, where fans can find pictures about the childhood, the career and the private life of Conte, besides video-interviews and TV appearances.  

The realization of the web-site was preceded  by a Celebrity DBI research, the Index of the perception and the appreciation of the celebrity, directed by Repucom, world leader in the field of sport marketing surveys. The collected data confirm that Antonio Conte is one of the most recognizable and influential personality in the Italian market, not only in the sport sector or between the football lovers: by analyzing the last calendar year, which coincides with the passage from Club Coach to the “Head Coach of Italian football Team”, it is clear that the general growth of the celebrity level of recognisability is 97%. Conte exceeds, in fact, in credibility and  influences some coaches like Mourinho, Ancelotti and Capello.