Kinder+Sport and the empire of Social Media. The Brand strikes back.

The web communication of Kinder+Sport, developed by Alquadrato,
wins the “Social Media Awards” of Sochi 2014.


 Softec & Socialbakers presented the SOCHIal Analysis, that is the “Social Media Awards” of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.
This is a specific analysis, which emphasizes brands and the athletes that took advantage of the publications on their social platform, during the
manifestation that took place from 6th to 23rd February 2014 in Russia with a big presence online.

The analyzed Social Networks were Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Alquadrato srl develops the web and social communication of the Kinder+Sport project and it obtained two different recognitions:

  1. Best Facebook Updates Frequency” category – 1° classify, as a brand with the main post frequency, connected to the Winter Olympics;
  2. “Best Twitter Account” category - 2° classify, for the obtained results, in terms of growth of the followers during the period (+2,32%).

The editorial plan realized in the two weeks of the Olympics Games, sizes the opportunities offered, in particular that of the engagement and range increase, generated by such an international media event. Contents and timetables, studied ad-hoc for the developing of the competitions and for the interaction of the pages of athletes and Federations, allowed Kinder+Sport to position itself in the rank with global brands recognized as the communication giants, with particular attention to the athletic field (as official sponsors or specialists): P&G, Visa, CocaCola, McDonald’s, Omega, Visa, Oakley, Dainese.

After the success obtained with the initiative Kinder+Sport+1click, Ferrero’s project – positioning itself, only last October 2013, in the 7° position in the growth-ranking of the Italian fanpages – and the strategies of content marketing identified by Alquadrato strike back!