The new initiative Kinder+Sport: the Joy of Moving (and Sharing)

Kinder+Sport with the initiative “Share the Joy of Moving” has the goal of collecting signatures and inviting the users to sign a manifesto, by using the involvement mechanisms of digital word.


The manifesto “Joy of Moving” was redacted by Kinder+Sport in collaboration with CONI, MIUR and EXPO Milan 2015, with the purpose to diffuse the physical exercise, especially between youths. The goal is to collect more and more signatures.

The solution, realized by Alquadrato for Kinder+Sport, is the launch of “Share the Joy of Moving”: it is a contest with prizes addressed to all the sport supporters and all the amateur associations. To win, it is necessary to sign and share.

Sign. share, win: you have to sign the manifesto on the web-site, then invite your friends to do the same in Facebook or email, and take part in the awards extraction to win 50.000 euros.

To further incite the users’ involvement, in the web-site you can find a Photo-Gallery, which collects some pictures loaded by participants, and this invite all the signatories of manifesto to describe the Joy of Moving through pictures.

The viral component of the initiative based on the concept of share, is developed with the  goal to hire the users and to add value of the user generated content.