Services & Deliverables

  • Brand Content
    Brand Content
    We deal with contents to publish on the Internet, guaranteeing for the client an accurate organization and particular skills in the management of online reputation.
  • Community Management
    Community Management
    For years we have been taking part in different international communities, of which we know virtues and vices, at the same time acknowledging their great potentiality.
  • Digital strategy and management
    Digital strategy and management
    We position different "product categories" into the authentic digital life. Our clients' contents, which we build around the product, must visit the real dialogue channels of potential clients and develop a viral component.
  • Seeding e buzz campaign
    Seeding e buzz campaign
    We strategically place contents on all web platforms through seeding strategies, which guarantee their viral diffusion.
  • Web e social App
    Web and social App
    We plan and develop web apps with attention to the user's experience, both desktop and mobile.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    We position the brand into search engines.
  • Social Media Optimization
    Social Media Optimization
    We optimize and integrate every communication channel with social networks.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and performance advertising
    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and performance advertising
    Strategy, setup, management and optimization of Search Engine Marketing campaigns.
  • Design information systems
    Design information systems
    We design information systems that are able to satisfy the user's experience and the systematization of information and services for the client.
  • Social media platform management
    Social media platform management
    We know and organize in detail the management of all the Social platforms that are recognized at international level.
  • Digital PR
    Digital PR
    We place our contacts at the service of the client's goals, promoting their contents into the "authentic" digital life, outside of the business communication circuits.
  • Social media monitoring analysis
    Social media monitoring analysis
    We create qualitative and quantitative monthly Reports about the performances of our digital systems, allowing the integration of data with the different marketing strategies adopted by our clients.
  • Social CRM
    Social CRM
    We have simple applications, which allow very good Customer Relation Marketing, in a Digital-Social context. We capitalize the emails that the client has collected over the years in new and efficient digital actions.
  • User Experience
    User Experience
    For years we have worked to simplify the usability of information systems and generally of public services to citizens. We plan complex systems, ensuring a systemic perspective through a high quality progect management.
  • Continuing Education & Training
    Continuing Education & Training
    We train people who will become the next marketing managers and social-web strategists of your company, through ad-hoc Training Courses built on your business's real necessities, ensuring a personalized and continuous supervision.